Harmar has a long and rich history of developing and manufacturing many different models of lifts that can carry almost any brand of scooter and wheelchair. At Access Solutions, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of Harmar products that are sure to match your scooter or power chair transportation needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you become more independent!

Not quite sure what type or make of car lift you need? Harmar has create a compatibility calculator that answers your questions and matches you with a car lift that will meet your needs. Click on the button below to discover what type of car lift is suitable for you!

Compatibility Calculator

Harmar AL100

One of the most popular car lifts on the market today, the Harmar AL100 is a versatile and durable lift that can handle all types of scooter thanks to its unique hold-down foot. Furthermore, with its 350 lb. carrying capacity, this lift can handle a wide variety of scooter sizes, big or small!

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Harmar AL600

The Harmar AL600 has a compact design, as well as easy drive-on, drive-off convenience that can fit virtually any scooter or power chair. With its new EZ-Detach Seatback accessory, you can even convert your power chair to a lower profile for compact, easy transport.

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Harmar AL435T

For those of us who drive pick-up trucks, the Harmar AL435T is a must have! Thanks to Harmar’s Tailgater™ Lift, which features motorized rotation, powered boom extension, offset geometry, and increased lifting capacity, you can easily lift a power chair or scooter in and out of your trucks bed to a lowered tailgate or nearby sidewalk.

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