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Automatic Door Openers

Open Sesame Door Opening Systems

Picture53Open Sesame’s Residential door opening package will release and open a locked (or unlocked) door, pause for entrance or exit, close automatically, and then return the door to its locked position. If you would like to extend the time the door is open, you can do so by pushing the remote control again. The door will stay open as long as you like. To close the door, simply push the remote once again. Leaves the door free-swinging for manual use. Important note: Our product is not recommended for use with doors that are typically manufactured by window companies with proprietary 3-point locking systems, which have upper and lower latches (or pins) as well as a latch on the side. There is no way to electrically release the upper and lower latches to allow the door to open automatically. Also, the latch on the side of the door may not be a standard type latch, it may be a deadbolt type latch or it may be a latch of some proprietary size/shape. The entire door handle set and latches may have to be removed and replaced with a standard locking door handle and latch. Additionally, these kind of doors may have very heavy door seals or weather stripping that requires a lot more force than usual to open or close. This may require experimentation with regard to the door operator and arm mounting positions in order to overcome the resistance of the tight seals. This package includes:

  • The Model 100 Door Operator to open and close the door.
  • An electric strike plate to release the door latch.
  • A remote control
  • A low-voltage wiring kit, with an AC adaptor, wiring, and a junction box.


The CleanCut Step is a great way to turn your existing bathtub into a step-in shower in just a few hours. Our professional installers will make the transition from normal bathtub to step-in shower during the same day without any large and messy demolition. Click to the video above to see just how easily Access Solutions can provide you with a CleanCut Step bathtub solution!

Custom Grab Bars

AccessSolutions_Page_Image_Small14Grab bars have come a long way. They no longer have to all be big and bulky and just silver metal in color. At Access Solutions we have a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors and textures so the grab bar you choose can fit in seamlessly into the current decor of your home. This custom look keeps the beautiful look of your home continuous while giving you the peace of mind that you can move freely and safely in your own home.

Daily Living Accessories

Any accessory you might need or want for your tub, shower, bedroom, or living room we have here at Access Solutions. We have curtain rods, curtain ramps, soap dishes, trim kits, valve kits and water stopping flexible thresholds. All of these accessories are well designed to provide the best functionality and pleasing aesthetics. We offer bedrails, support poles, Great Grips door knob helpers, and other accessories for your bedroom and living areas. We also have a variety of shower seats for you to choose from. They can be free standing or even wall mounted. Each one is of sturdy construction to provide you a safe showering experience all while blending in with the decor of your bathroom. We strive to make each part of your tub, shower, bedroom or living room to come together to provide effective functionality and eye-pleasing looks.

Healthcraft Bath Safety Products

Stander Bath Safety Products



Handicare Commercial and Home Bath Safety Products


Rollators & Transport Chairs

AccessSolutions_Page_Image_Small19If you need assistance in getting around the house without using a wheelchair or power scooter, a rollator is the ideal option for you! A rollator is a simple and easy-to-use accessory. We proudly carry rollators from one of the industry’s best manufacturers – Handicare. Click on the image to the left to learn more!

Stander Safe Living Accessories

Modular Hand Rail System


When you need some support on climbing the stairs in your home, a modular hand rail system is here to help! A proper support system will do wonders for your mobility. Regain your freedom and mobility with one call to Access Solutions. We can guide you through the entire process! From a general consultation in your home to installation, we can do it all!