Vertical Platform Lift

Allow yourself access to the separate levels of your home with a vertical platform lift. While they can also be called porch lifts, these may be installed either in or outside your home if a stair lift is not a feasible option. These are outfitted with safety sensors to detect any object that may be obstructing the way of the lift. Many are DC battery powered, so even in case of an emergency, you will still be able to ascend the levels of your home if necessary. Let Access Solutions help you find the vertical platform lift to enrich your daily life.

Bruno Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical Lifts New Mexico

Give your life a lift with Bruno Vertical Platform Lifts. These easy-to-use platforms use a pressure control rocker switch for smooth up/down operation.

Whether you need a lift indoors or outdoors, our high-performance lifts are reliable choice. Safety monitoring is a built in feature with an emergency stop switch located on the platform when obstruction is detected.

EZ-Access Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical Lifts New Mexico

A quiet and smooth ride, the high energy efficient EZ-Access is the perfect vertical platform to assist your mobility.

Built for indoor and outdoor use, the EZ Access is low maintenance. This streamline platform uses waterproof switches that will not corrode and plug-and-play wiring technology. Did we mention it's the lightest vertical platform lift on the market?

Time to get moving with EZ-Access!

Harmar Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical Lifts New Mexico

Get to places more easily with Harmar vertical platform lifts. From 4' tall to 14' tall, the Harmar helps you reach new heights in a design that is secure and durable.

The Harmar features a non-skid platform ramp that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Emergency switches are built in to ensure maximum safety.

Avoid the use of long ramps and choose from 6 Harmar models for both residential and commercial use.