Modular Aluminum


With a quick setup time, a modular aluminum ramp can make life easier for people with disabilities. Modular aluminum ramps are durable, and can be used for years or simply as a temporary measure while a permanent vertical lift is being installed. We provide ramps from industry-leading manufacturers such as E-Z Access. Whether you have a large front yard or space is limited, we have a solution that will perfectly fit your needs. To learn more about what type of ramp is appropriate for your needs, please click here

Folding & Threshold

When just a few steps or a doorway threshold are limiting your access, a folding or threshold ramp will help your home become more accessible. The small and portable, yet incredibly durable ramps, are perfect for tight and constricted spaces. They are also a great accessibility solution for places that will not be a permanent residence. Access Solutions is proud to be a carrier and supplier of Harmar folding and threshold ramps.

Custom Design

We use our experience to provide a comfortable and safe ramp for your home. We work alongside our customers to provide a ramp that increases the outside appearance of your home and most importantly, that will last a lifetime.