Get Started

How do I get my home modification process started?

Start by making a list of areas in your home that are now or soon will be problem areas. Narrow doorways, difficulty entering shower or bath tub areas, slippery shower or tub floors, being able to reach upper kitchen cabinets and counters, ease of climbing stairs... Write them down was you go. Have a friend or family member assist you.

If someone in the house will be using a walker or wheelchair, walk through the house with that in mind while doing the assessment to visualize and experience the barriers more clearly and from that person's perspective.

Don’t forget the outside of the house. Assess driveways, walkways, steps and doors for barriers, proper lighting and accessibility.

Make a list of what items you would like to see or think would be beneficial in each area. Refer to our catalog to help familiarize yourself with what is available.

Prioritize your list. This will help you and the Access Solutions Home Modification specialists know what to work on first and help guide your home modification budget.

Contact Access Solutions to set up a consultation of your home or business. Your written lists will help move the process along and eliminate forgetting questions.

A home modification specialist will set up a time to visit you, assess your needs and take measurements of the areas.

The Access Solutions Team will present you with the plans, drawings and any equipment needed and the time and cost associated with the project. Once you have agreed on the terms, work can begin.

Get a Consultation

To begin making your home accessible, please fill out the brief form below. Our Home Modification Specialists will work with you to answer any questions.