Compact Scooters

Compact sized scooters are great for those who are petite in stature! Whether for a child or an adult who is naturally small, a smaller scooter will make it easier to navigate the environment. Scooters that are too large can be uncomfortable and may make it difficult to maneuver around tight, indoor areas. Don’t settle for just any vehicle, find the size that fits you and your mobility needs with Access Solutions!


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GB117, GB147D
4th-wheel option!

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GB117H, GB147H
4th-wheel option!

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GB117S, GB147S
4th-wheel option!

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GB117Z, GB147Z
4th-wheel option!

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GB118EX, GB148EX
4th-wheel option!

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Medium Scooters

A medium sized scooter is typically the best choice for a majority of adults. Finding the right size for you is crucial to your comfort and peace of mind. Maneuver around small spaces and outdoors alike with ease using a medium sized scooter. These are generally still lightweight and often have amenities such as flip-back seating and large carry baskets. If you’re unsure, Access Solutions will help find the right fit for you!

4th-wheel Option!

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4th-wheel Option!

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Full Size Luxury Scooters

For those in need of a larger sized scooter, Access Solutions has just what you need! Full size luxury scooters offer a range of amenities including up to 500 lb capacity, adjustable seat height and arm width, as well as bigger motors and wider tires. While these additions may seem trivial, they are crucial to ease of use and allow for smoother maneuverability. Don’t settle for a scooter that is too small for you, forcing you to be uncomfortable. At Access Solutions, we’ll help you find what you need so you may start enjoying the freedom of mobility once more.


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Heavy Duty Luxury Scooters


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