Modular Hand Rail Systems

Although many homes are built with multiple floors, not all of them have hand rails along their stairs. Without these railings, the safety of your stairs is drastically compromised, especially when your mobility is limited. At Access Solutions, we can design a modular hand rail system for your home that can provide you with added support every time you use your stairs. From design to installation, we will help guide your process to ensure your hand rail system is put in properly. Don't sacrifice your access to an entire floor of your home with a modular hand rail system from Access Solutions!

Promenaid Handrails

At Access Solutions, we offer PromenAid handrails, the leader in handrail innovations. Designed to fit perfectly in your living space, while beautifully matching your home's decor, these handrails are truly the perfect match of form and function. Durable and rust-proof, PromenAid railings are at home outdoors and indoors, from stairs to shower stalls. Add security and stability to your home with PromenAid railings and Access Solutions!