Kitchen Remodels

Kitchens can become one of the most difficult areas of the home to utilize for the elderly and those with disability. Due to the bending and reaching that is needed to access what is stored within our cabinets, using your cooking supplies can prove difficult, if not impossible. Furthermore, cabinetry that was once easily accessible can turn into a challenge, especially when dealing with cabinets that are particularly low or high. At Access Solutions, we can perform modifications to your kitchen that will return the functionality of even your most hard to reach cabinetry, and return your kitchen's usability as a result.



Access Solutions is proud to offer kitchen accessibility options from Rev-A-Shelf, one of the leading manufacturers of innovative storage solutions for the home. By utilizing these advanced storage options, we can help improve the overall accessibility of your kitchen. No longer will you need to strain to grab something from the top shelf, or feel the pain of bending over to grab something from your lower shelving units. Instead, Rev-A-Shelf storage solutions allow you to easily access your kitchen items through mobile shelving that can be pulled out and put back in place with only a few easy motions. Take away the pain and struggle of dealing with your cabinetry with Rev-A-Shelf today!