Albuquerque Stairlift & Bath Safety Installation

Albuquerque’s growth has been constant. As each month passes, another new restaurant or boutique opens up. All the while, the beautiful Sandia Mountains stay ever present in view, reminding us of the beauties of nature and New Mexico. With all these wonderful features, it is almost impossible to leave Albuquerque. As we age or acquire mobility issues from any variety of factors, it may have you considering moving to a different location. This doesn’t have to be with Access Solutions! We’re here to help you remain in the city you adore, in the house you grew to love. Access Solutions is your stairlift and bath safety installation go-to, with the care and quality you deserve.

Your Albuquerque Stairlift Installation Experts

Stairs can turn from a household convenience to an obstacle if you have limited mobility. With a stairlift from Access Solutions, you never again have to worry about navigating to the various levels of your home! Our technicians have years of experience and training to make your installation faster, safer, and more convenient! When you have a question about your stairlift or the installation process, we have the knowledge and availability to provide you with the best answer! Start enjoying your home again with a stairlift from Access Solutions today!

We’re Albuquerque’s Bath Safety Product Installation Experts

Even without having limited mobility, a bathroom is a perilous place. Condensation and even water collecting on the floor after a bath or shower plus the already slick surfaces of linoleum or tile are incredibly hazardous. One step could mean a serious injury, and sometimes even worse. At Access Solutions, we have an extensive range of bathroom safety products, and will install them for you in your home! Don’t trust just anyone to install safety products, a poor job in doing so could result in injury from improper attachment. We take the time and effort to ensure every job we do is done correctly the first time to assure your well-being.