Taos Stairlift & Bath Safety Installation

Known for its iconic mountains and magnificent landscape, Taos is an amazing place to visit and even harder to move away from. The prospect of having to leave your home to find someplace else that can better accommodate your limited mobility is tough but it doesn’t have to be that way with Access Solutions! We have hundreds of products to equip your home with so you don’t have to leave its comfort.

Taos Professional Stairlift Installations

One of the main issues with limited mobility is traveling from one floor to another. By installing a stairlift, you can bypass the hassle of traversing the staircase and still have the freedom to move about your home as you please. We carry all the leading brand names you trust, such as Harmar and Bruno, and have experienced technicians to perform the installation. Whether you have a question about the product or the installation process, our staff will provide you with the information you need to have peace of mind. Whatever your mobility needs may be, Access Solutions has the staff, the tools, and most importantly, the care to help you where you need it most.

We’re Your Taos Bathroom Safety Product Experts

A slippery bathroom is a dangerous one, and all too often people receive significant injuries from what originally seemed like just a minor spot of water on the floor. Stop putting yourself at risk and enlist the help of the expert bathroom safety product technicians at Access Solutions! We’ve spent years understanding our products and know the best practices for installation and maintenance. Improperly installed products such as bath handles can cause a person to expect something to support them, and suddenly give out. This is a serious matter, one we don’t handle lightly. With Access Solutions, you can be sure that every product we install is done so with care.