Find Stair Lifts in New Mexico

Walking up and down stairs can be a real challenge for older individuals and those with arthritis. A stair lift helps to eliminate this difficult task and allows the user to live in their home for a longer period of time without having to move into a one-level dwelling or senior community. At Access Solutions, we provide New Mexicans with a variety of lifts for a variety of stairs for both curved and straight staircases, and we even have outdoor and commercial options as well. Learn more about the benefits of having a stair lift in your New Mexico home.

Improves New Mexico Home Safety

Stair lifts help prevent injuries caused by falling down the stairs. Falls on the stairs can lead to debilitating hip, knee, or spinal injuries that will significantly hamper your life for years to come. Stair lifts will allow you to live independently without the worry of falling down the stairs.

Stair lifts in New Mexico don’t damage the underlying surface of your home. Carpeting is easily capable of covering the small holes that are left behind from the installation process. The trail itself may also be cut with precision by installers from Access Solutions and will not affect the underlying staircase.

Restores Independence

Stair lifts are a way to regain your independence and allow you to be on your own and rely less on your family. If you live with a family member and need assistance, it is much easier for them to transport you up and down the stairs if a stair lift is in place. At Access Solutions, we care about your specific mobility needs and care concerns in New Mexico.

Comfortable and Easy to Use

Many stair lift models in New Mexico come with extra comfort features. For instance, a common option is to add a seat that is at about bar stool height so riders don’t have to squat or lean as they ride. Some manufacturers offer a wide range of upholstery options and designs. Many stair lifts also have a swivel seat lever or a powered swivel feature that turns the seat toward the stair landing to make it easy to get on and off. Additionally, many stair lifts have diagnostic windows that show status messages in case there is an issue with the equipment.

Having a stair lift set up on your New Mexico home can significantly increase the number of years you’ll be able to live in your New Mexico home. It also makes a difficult chore much easier, so you don’t have to worry about potential injury.

Practical and Affordable Mobility

A new stair lift can make going up and down the stairs a smooth, simple process and offers a practical way to restore mobility if you can no longer use the stairs. Stair lifts are an affordable solution for many people. They cost much less than a full stair remodel or renovation and can even be less than a brand-new wheelchair.

Access Solutions offers a variety of options to help fund your stair lift in New Mexico. We have funding options from a variety of organizations whose goal is to provide affordable accessibility for those in need. From veteran grants to loans, we want to ensure that New Mexicans have the resources they need to live comfortably and easily in their homes.

Practical and Affordable Mobility

Stair lifts can allow you to stay at home rather than moving to a different home or senior living community in New Mexico. This can allow your family to spend more time with you without worrying about transporting you up and down the stairs, which can be very dangerous for someone who has limited mobility.

A stair lift can also prevent you from having to go to a nursing home if the stairs become too difficult to manage on your own. This will save you and your family a lot of money and will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are able to enjoy life at home instead of having to move away from all that you have worked so hard for over the years.
If you are interested in improving your New Mexico home’s mobility options, get started with us today! We’re here to consult you and discuss the best stair lift options for your home that fit your needs so that you can continue to live comfortably in your home. Call us at (505) 881-4399 to learn more.
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