Los Lunas Stairlift & Bath Safety Installation

Access Solutions is committed to home accessibility and equipping your home to safely accommodate your needs as you age. We recognize that you enjoy your Los Lunas home, and wish to remain in it for years to come. We help you achieve exactly that with a suite of home and bathroom accessibility solutions and products! Whether you need assistance on the stairs or in the bathroom, our technicians work to ensure that you’re safe in your home, and can confidently and comfortably live in it!

Stairlift Solutions

If you've noticed that stairs have become more difficult to use as you’ve gotten older, you’re not alone! Many seniors struggle to move up and down the stairs, and often limit their access to the upper level of their homes in hopes of avoiding injury and exertion. Stairlifts are a home accommodation product offered by Access Solutions that provide seniors with the ease and peace of mind to safely and independently navigate their entire home. Increase your mobility and continue enjoying every level of your home with stairlifts from Access Solutions!

Bath Safety Solutions

Wet tile, slippery surfaces, and tubs that no longer accommodate your needs—these are the struggles many seniors face in their Los Lunas homes. Rather than leaving your home for more suitable accommodations, we provide the perfect solution to help you age in place—bath safety products! From a safer shower experience to custom grab bars, we’ll outfit your home so that you can perform everyday tasks with confidence! Don’t move away from Los Lunas—just call Access solutions and discover how we can safely enhance your home!