Barrier Free Shower Albuquerque
Barrier Free Shower New Mexico

One of the easiest and most practical solutions for increasing the safety of your bathroom, a barrier-free shower is one of the bathroom accessibility options we offer here at Access Solutions. With it, you can avoid slips and falls caused by tripping on the edge of your existing shower. Furthermore, designs have been improved to be installed into existing shower enclosures without the extensive restructuring of the sub-floor or surrounding area. Never sacrifice the usability and safety of your bathroom with a barrier-free shower from Access Solutions!

All Best Bath Shower walls are wood encased throughout for future grab bars and seat installation.


The floor texture should be non-slip, but no so rough it will cut feet.


Bath products should be easy to install. They should have Snap Joint Assembly Walls, Water-Proof Seams, and Pre-Leveld Floors with no mud settings.