Ceiling Lifts

Handicare Partners Ceiling Lifts

Handicare Partners is one of the industry's leading manufacturers of medical equipment for mobility challenged individuals. Handicare Partners ceiling lifts were uniquely designed to allow easy movement in and out of bed in a safe and dignified manner. By using this equipment, you can drastically reduce the chance of handling-related injuries among caregivers. At Access Solutions, we have a variety of Handicare Partners models that can provide elderly and disabled individuals with greater mobility and less struggle when moving in and out of bed.

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Ceiling lifts are optimal for those who are limited in the range of short-distance mobility. Depending on your needs, a ceiling lift can assist you into a bathing area, or in and out of bed. Customized tracks can be fitted into your existing home so you never have to worry about moving from the place you love most. With manual controls and emergency shut down features, your safety will never be in question. From compact ceiling lifts weighing in at only 15 lbs, to more substantial units capable of carrying up to 400 lbs, Access Solutions has the ceiling lift for you.